Research Reports

Below is a list of research reports by academic year. If you wish to see a certain report from previous academic years not listed here, please contact us here.


The UOIG posts its analysts’ research reports online. Please feel free to browse through our research by year using the left hand navigation menu. Once you have selected a year to view, you will see a list of the individual reports that were completed by our analysts. The following is a list of information you will see with each report:

  • Date – the date of the report presentation

  • Company – the company that was researched

  • Ticker – the company’s ticker symbol

  • Recommendation – the analyst’s recommendation

  • Action – the group’s final vote to buy, sell, or hold

  • Sector – the sector that the company falls into

  • Author – the analyst who researched and presented

On the right hand side of each line there will be a PDF icon. Simply click that icon to download each report you wish to view. 

If you have questions or comments regarding UOIG research, or would like to contact a specific analyst, please use our message form on the Contact Us page, or send us an email at