Our Support

The support and financial resources made available by private investors, alumni, faculty, and friends of UOIG are essential to our mission of complementing education with real world investment management experience. Through generous grants, gifts, and donations, UOIG members continue to have the unique opportunity to enhance their learning. This support provides members with analytical and portfolio management experience, group leadership opportunities, and the chance to go on several educational trips throughout the year, including an annual visit to New York and Wall Street. Additional resources enable the group to compete in portfolio competitions, visit various financial institutions, and attend investment seminars across the nation.

UOIG members are committed to the tradition of success that was set by its founders and investors. Group alumni have earned coveted Wall Street positions, continued on to nationally-recognized MBA and law school programs, and have played an integral role in the continued development of the UOIG. UOIG members thank those who have contributed to the group’s foundation of success, and greatly appreciate the generous support it has received. With this help and assistance, the UOIG continues to evolve into a successful, competitive, and motivated organization.

The group would like to give a special thanks to the following UOIG boosters:

The University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Foundation

D.A. Davidson & Company

Mr. Howard Svigals, Private Investor & Continued Supporter

If you are interested in supporting the UOIG in any way, please feel free to contact us. You can submit a message via the Contact page, or send us an email at uoig@uoregon.edu.